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Self-Improvement Q&A: Sounders U23's Delgado

09/15/2016, 1:00pm EDT

Delaware forward discusses workout routine, eating habits and more

Guillermo Delgado, born in Madrid, Spain, has shined since stepping onto campus at Delaware, and his exceptional play in college and in the PDL have thrust him into the national spotlight.

The 5-foot-8 senior forward was named a 2016 Missouri Athletic Club’s (MAC) Hermann Trophy Watchlist selection following his second PDL season with the Sounders FC U23. In the 2016 PDL regular season, Delgado scored four goals and provided two assists. In six games for the Blue Hens this college campaign, Delgado has scored five goals and assisted four.

September is Self-Improvement Month, and PDL players and coaches across North America will be working to develop and hone their skills. Focused on the continuous development of the player using the #Path2Pro model, the PDL will take a closer look at how players try to improve their skill sets and physical abilities, as well as look into how coaches try to improve their players, throughout the month of September.

Guillermo Delgado, Sounders FC U23 and Delaware Forward
Self-Improvement Month Q&A

PDL: Describe a typical day in the life of yourself. How often do you train, exercise and practice in a day and week?

GD: On a typical day, I usually train two, three if we include treatment hours. A typical day would include classes in the morning and practice after lunch time. After I get home from practice, I often spend the rest of my day doing homework or getting some rest in.

PDL: How important is it for you to train, exercise on your own and not with the team? Why?

GD: Training on my own is important for me to be able to improve certain aspects of my game that maybe I wouldn't be able to improve on a regular basis at practice. My individual needs might be different from other players, and, therefore, I need to practice on my own sometimes to fulfill those needs.

PDL: What is your favorite training drill? Why?

GD: My favorite training drills are games because they allow for creativity as well as intensity and require problem-solving skills. I also love games due to the competitive aspect that they entail.

PDL: What are your eating habits, and is a good diet important to you? What is your favorite meal?

GD: I consider my eating habits to be quite healthy. During the season, I load lunch with carbs and vegetables; whereas at night, I like to have lighter meals full of protein and vegetables. I would say my favorite meal is a good steak, but it is something that I only eat from time to time due to its high price, and, therefore, I would say that my favorite meal that I eat on a regular basis would be pesto pasta with onions, garlic and bell peppers. 

PDL: What are your fitness habits, and do you have a workout routine? Do you listen to music when you work out or train?

GD: When I work out on my own, I usually enjoy doing some type of endurance training at first. After that I like to lift, having a focus mainly on my lower body and my core, which I consider the more important muscles to play soccer. I always work out with music. The genre I enjoy the most is EDM or Electro Dance Music because it has a high BPM [beats per minute] rate and gets me going.

PDL: How many hours do you typically sleep in a night? How important is it for you to get a good night’s rest before a game or practice?

GD: I often sleep six to seven hours during school time due to my early classes. On the other side, I consider that before a game I need to rest at least eight hours. It is very important for me to be well rested before a game so that I can perform at my best for 90 minutes.

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