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Registration Guide

Registration Guide

Note: A team admin will be registering all players. Make sure you have a Valid form of ID for the Player.

The registration isn't complete until you reach the Receipt Page and the system states 'Registration Complete'.

Step 1: Navigate to the Registration
Step 2: Either Login to a Sport Ngin Account or Create a Sport Ngin Account. Note: You will need to activate a Sport Ngin account via your email.
Step 3: Create a Sub-Profile for the Player you're Registering

Step 4: Fill in Player Information

Step 5: Select Payment Option

Step 6: Select to 'Register Another Person' or 'Continue to Shopping Cart' Page.

Note: If you select to Pay at a Later time, you won't need to submit payment on the shopping cart page.

Step 7: If you need to 'Register Another Person' repeat step 3-6. If you are complete select 'Continue to Shopping Cart'
Step 8: Select Checkout.
Step 9: If you Select to Pay Online Now add Payment Information and 'Complete Order'. If you select to Pay Later select 'Checkout', then 'Complete Order'